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Business Class Technical Support, Free Consultation!

Business IT Services

Our technology advisors will work with you to understand the paths you followed to get you here, and identify the best way of moving forward. Maintaining what you have. Identifying what you may need. Making smart decisions about what and when to get it. We provide technology problem solving solutions so you can clearly and efficiently run your business. Our professional engineers are experts in IT Solutions.


Windows Server Support: Price $75.00

We support active directory, group policy, printer setups, backup exec, domain configuration and more. Price is per hour.


Anti virus Solutions: Price $75.00

Centrally maintain your workstations and servers. We support all major anti virus solutions and keep up with the latest trends. Price is per hour.


Data Recovery: Price $149.95

Recover your data from hard drive failure, accidental deletion of your files, or even a complete format of your drives. Contact us today! Pricing varies and is dependent on customer requirements.


Microsoft Office : Price $75.00

We can setup, configure, and troubleshoot microsoft office to get you running fast. Price is per hour.


Workstation Support: Price $75.00

We support ordering, configuring, and troubleshooting workstation issues. Price is per hour.


Router Installation and Support: Price $75.00

Speed up your network? Switch to gigabyte speed. We can order and install your hardware. Price is per hour.


System Cleaning: Price $39.95

Dust is a computers number 1 enemy. It can slow down, and even crash your computer. Price includes cleaning of 3 machines.


Firewall Security: Price $75.00

Setup and troubleshoot firewall security and issues. Offer options and discuss your needs on your network. Price is per hour.


Wireless Access Points: Price $75.00

Don't have wireless access yet? Contact us for your free consultation and we can discuss it. We can order and install the unit for you. Price is for per hour services. Hardware not included.


Data Backup and Restore Solutions: Price $75.00

Don't lose all of your documents and pictures. Have the peace of mind in knowing your data is safe. Complete data recovery due to system failure. Data backup solutions for business. Price is per hour.

Remote PC Repair by certified professionals Technical Support