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Questions and Answers


Q: Do you work on laptops?

A: Yes! We work on all kinds of computers big, small, brand A, Brand B, if its a computer we can fix it!

Q: My computer has a virus, can you fix it?

A: Yes, in fact a very large part of our day consists of removing viruses, malware, trojans, rougeware, worms, etc. If your computer has one, We have seen it before, and we can fix it!

Q: Do you sell computers?

A: Yes, If your in need of a new computer, we can find a solution that works for you! If you need data transfered we can do that too! In Fact, if you purchase a new system through us we will throw in the setup and any data you need transfered in for FREE!

Q: Do you build computers?

A: We are currently in the process of building our own line of computers. We are planning to have them on the website within 6 months.

Q: How much experience do your technicians have?

A: We do not hire anyone who is not A+, MCSE, Net+ certified and has at least 3 years in the field under their belt. Then they work with our most experienced Techs for 6 months for training.

Q: What areas do you service?

A: Mostly New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island but we have done jobs remotely in Kansas, Florida, and Japan just to name a few.

Q: Do your customers bring their computer to you?

A: You can bring in your computer or we can come get it, repair it then bring it back to you. We can also fix it in your home or remotely. Again customer satisfaction is our main focus.

Q: How much will it cost to fix my computer?

A: Less than any other repair store. If you can find the same service for less from a major company then let us know and we will beat it.