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Hardware Services

We can order and install all of the supplies you need at incredible prices!

Component prices are not listed. Please contact us and we will figure out the exact hardware you need for your computer. We deal with many parts vendors and will get you the very best price. Prices below are only for PC services.

computer repair

Tune-Up Plus: Price $69.95

Optimize startup and shutdown, defragmentation, improve menu navigation. Remove dust from inside the computer including fans and components. Upgrade system memory (Hardware not included)

computer repair

Computer Setup: Price $59.95

Includes Installing antivirus and antispyware software. Update system to current version. Removal of unwanted programs and trialware. Test and verify PC hardware and software functionality.

pc repair

Power Supply: Price $49.95

Computer don't turn on? It could be your power supply. We can get you up and running fast. Contact us and we will help you decide the best options for your pc.

computer repair services

Motherboard Install: Price $99.95

Includes installation and testing of component.

computer support

Cooling Fans: Price $19.95

It's never a bad idea to add cooling fans to your computer. Includes installing up to 2 fans.

computer service

Memory Upgrade: Price $24.95

Increase your computers performance. Contact us and we will help you decide the best options for your pc. (Hardware not included)

Remote PC Repair by certified professionals Remote PC Repair by certified professionals