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Hardware Services

We can order and install all of the supplies you need at incredible prices!

Component prices are not listed. Please contact us and we will figure out the exact hardware you need for your computer. We deal with many parts vendors and will get you the very best price. Prices below are only for PC services.


System Cleaning: Price $39.95

Dust is a computers number 1 enemy. It can slow down, and even crash your computer. Price includes cleaning of 3 machines. ($19.95 per machine)


Blu Ray | DVD Rom: Price $34.95

Enjoy blu ray movies on your pc. Backup large files and programs with ease. Contact us today!


Hard Drive Installation: Price $39.95

Running out of space on your current hard drive? Add an extra one for your backup files.


Computer Wiring: Price $39.95

Have your computer professionally rewired. This improves airflow keeping your system running cooler.


Flat Screens: Price $19.95

Enjoy stunning graphics when you upgrade your monitor. We get some of the best prices for new flat screens. Contact us today!


Video Card: Price $49.95

Upgrade your graphics and gaming experience with a new, powerful video card. Includes installing new video card and configuration.

Remote PC Repair by certified professionals Remote PC Repair by certified professionals