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Professional Computer Services!

Networking Services

We can order and install all of the supplies you need at incredible prices!

Component and software prices are not listed. Please contact us and we will figure out the exact hardware and software you need for your business or home office. We deal with many parts and software vendors and will get you the very best price. Prices below are only for services.


System Cleaning: Price $39.95

Dust is a computers number 1 enemy. It can slow down, and even crash your computer. Price includes cleaning of 3 machines.


Firewall Security: Price $75.00

Setup and troubleshoot firewall security and issues. Offer options and discuss your needs on your network. Price is per hour.


Wirless Setup: Price $29.95

Don't have wireless access yet? Contact us for your free consultation and we can discuss it. We can order and install the unit for you. Price is for services up to 3 computers only.


Windows Server Support: Price $75.00

We support active directory, group policy, printer setups, backup exec, domain configuration and more. Price is per hour.

Remote PC Repair by certified professionals Remote PC Repair by certified professionals